Law enforcement Training reform for current and future police officers which is geared towards establishing a positive perception in the public’s eye.

 Your writing assignment will focus on a law enforcement organization and the development of a new initiative that will benefit the community being served. The issue should be one that is currently impacting law enforcement either on a “micro” or “macro” scale. The initiative should be one that unveils an innovative program and processes that directly address the root issues. Outcomes should be definable and measurable and detailed in the outcomes assessment and evaluation plan. Your project will entail: • Identifying a law enforcement initiative to be addressed for this project. • Conducting the research, including gathering quantitative data, which you will evaluate, collate, analyze and synthesize. • Outlining the process you will follow utilizing research, your education, and life experiences you have obtained up to this point, resulting in a plan of action to implement your project. • Determining an assessment and evaluation plan of the project based on your and your stakeholders’ outcomes. The final product will be a paper that is 10-15 double-spaced (no less, no more!), APA formatted pages, including an abstract page.