Law and Ethics in Medicine

Law and Ethics in Medicine

Answer these questions as they are numbered

Answer each of the following questions in one or two paragraphs. Each
answer is worth 20 points. . _ i
1. There are four sourcesof law. Identify them, and explain what they are.
2. carelessness couid result in revealing private rnedicai information and violations of
patients’ rights of privacy. Discuss what medical office personnel should do to protect
patient privacy when -photocopying medicai records, faxing medical records, .or working
with medical records on a computer.
3. Identify and discuss factors that have contributed to increased health care costs in

Part 8: Answer each of the following questions in two or three sentences. Each
answer is worth four points.

1. Janette is scheduled by Dr. Granger for chemotherapy sessions to treat her cancer.
She misses-several of the sessions and as a result the cancer r.eappears.,.,causing her
extreme suffering and, uitirnately, death. Her family sues Dr. Granger. What legal
defense should Dr. Granger assert, and why?

2. Give an example of how a patient and doctor could create a contract without doing so
expressly in words.

3. Dr. Quinn’s employee Molly acts improperly, causing harm to a patient, Nancy. Why
wiii Dr. Quinn be liable to Nancy for damages?

4. What does HIPAA have to do with cgodeseis?

5. Dr. Arnold’s receptionist teilshim that an investigator from OSHA is in the office. What
is likeiy the purpose of the visit? 1

6. Describe at‘ least” two ways that might be used determihethe date the statulfe”of‘limi-
tations period for filing a medical malpractice claim begins to run.

7. Janet is pregnant and concerned about potential genetic conditions that might cause
her fetus to develop abnormaily. What should she ask her doctor to do?

8. Tom dies as a result of a doctor’s maipractice. Because of Tom’s death, Tom’s wife and

children will be without Tom’s support. What claim can they assert against the doctor?

9. Dr. Long refers Kevin to Dr. Brown for an evaluation and provides Kevin’s records to
Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown needs the records to perform the evaluation. Later, Kevin finds
out that Dr. Brown received his records and threatens to sue for a HIPAA violation. Will
Kevin win?-rwhy-or why» not?» – -A