land valuation report

land valuation report

write a report on (Land valuation), this topic is fall under a course or subject called ‘ Land Administration ‘ and this course is under a major of Geographic Information System. but – I think- the subject of this report could fall under Business or real estate when we are about to write a report on Land and house valuation. this is just for your notification.

I uploaded the question paper in a sharing file website due to file size limitation. ( question paper includes many pictures, that’s why)

here is the question paper:

Also I will provide you with a sample paper ( an old report with same content but different information ) YOU CAN USE THIS SAMPLE REPORT FOR YOUR REFERECE JUST TO GET A GENERAL IDEA ABOUT MY REPORT AND HOW IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

please don’t copy and paste from the sample report because it is not allowed at all to do this regarding to a very strict policy of misconduct and plagiarism in my university.

here is the link for sample report:

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