Kristen’s Cookie Company

Kristen’s Cookie CompanyOrder DescriptionThis case Study will be base on Kristen’s Cookie Company which is Memo2. I will upload the file as pdf file. I had memo1 as well that you guys did for me 3 weeks ago. I will upload too to help you write Memo2, might need it.The instruction bellowMEMO 2: this assignment takes a different approach than the previous memo 1 assignment. In memo 2, you are essentially developing a plan (or proposal) to start a cookie company in your dorm room on University (reference Kristen’s Cookie Company case study). There are many factors that need to be addressed for this type of venture. Review the case study in detail; on page three of the case study is a list of six elements (listed 1 – 6) that are requirements. A couple of the elements have multiple parts, thus multiple requirements. Your paper must contain all of these requirements at a minimum. However, you are not required to list the requirements in any specific order within your paper. Write it so that it makes sense. Some of the other rules still apply; 600 – 750 words, double-spaced, grammar, etc. Format is your choice. This is a very simple assignment; don’t make it difficult by reading into it. HINT: many students take the approach of a proposal being submitted to a banker for the purpose of getting a startup loan, but you may have other ideas, so use them.

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