Juggling Work and Family.

“Juggling Work and Family.” Films Media Group, 2001, fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=100829&xtid=29077. Provide two specific, concrete examples from the film of the social and economic changes occurring over the 20th Century that have made it challenging for contemporary American families to juggle their work and family demands. (4 points total) 2. Provide two specific, concrete examples (with illustration) of the strategies that families in the film use to manage their demanding work/family lives? (4 points) 3.In the film, Robert Reich (former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton) commented that sometimes when we talk about work-family struggles, it’s as if we are all in the same boat. Instead, he says there is social class variation in the burdens of juggling working and family. Provide a clear and specific example from the film of how families manage demands differently (i.e., what options they may have, the services they can buy) based on their socioeconomic/class standing. (4 points total) 4. Give two solid examples of policy initiatives that companies featured in the film have used to help employees and their families better manage the growing demands of the workplace. (4 points total) 5.Apply one concept or framework drawn from the required readings this week that you think illustrate an important work/family dynamic featured in the film. In your answer, explain and illustrate the concept fully and well before going on to illustrate or apply the concept to the film. (4 points