Joining the Conversation

Assignment: Your goal for this  essay is to contribute to the larger conversation going on about TV news by synthesizing your ideas about one of the news shows we’ve studied this quarter with the ideas in two academic articles. To do this, you’ll need to craft a position for yourself in relation to the ideas in the articles you choose, and make sure your position is supportable based on your chosen news show.
Undoubtedly, you will need to look into many sources to get a feel for what people are saying about the issue and to make sure the sources you do use in your paper are representative, especially significant, or for some other reason worthy of inclusion in your paper. When you write, consider who your audience is, the context for your essay, and what your purpose is in writing. For example: what does my audience want to know? Why? What can they gain? Remember to ask yourself all sorts of questions while conducting your research and in the beginning stages of this essay. It’s best to approach this sort of essay not with “this is what I want to say” but with “I wonder what other people have been saying about…(the Daily Show, news and democracy, news in society, etc.).” Once you have a sense of what other people say, then you can craft a response, using your own analysis of a news show as evidence.

In other words…
Do This:
Pick two of the academic articles we’ve found during the research phase of this assignment. Read them carefully, considering their author’s main ideas, assumptions, and purpose for writing. What do the articles have in common? Where do they differ?     Then, with that in mind, consider what you think. Do you agree with one but not the other? Do you disagree with both? Partly agree and partly disagree? Start to make some notes about how you might respond to the articles you picked.     Finally, pick an episode or two of one of the shows we’ve watched that will help support your response to the sources you picked.     Then, start to draft your paper, using what you’ve read in They Say, I Say to help create a paper that synthesizes the ideas in the articles with your ideas.

And I need you to watch 2 episodes from the Daily Show by Jon Stewart, you can find it online. …………….


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