John Hancock Tower and Garage case study

John Hancock Tower and Garage case study

1) Referring to the John Hancock Tower and Garage case study (attached) and to the plans for the development of Quincy Center (attached), discuss what factors made the

Hancock project a success, as well as the factors that presented potential risks of failure. What are the factors that will affect the success or failure of the Quincy

project, and evaluate how and why you think those risks of success or failure are likely to play out.

2) The U.S. Constitution is the bedrock of our nation?s legal system of rights and governmental power

a) Discuss how the Constitution affects the world of real estate. Using the subprime mortgage collapse, the eminent domain, and the environmental issues facing

mankind, both globally and locally, discuss specifically how the legal world as reflected in the Constitution interacts with and affects real estate owners, operators

and developers

b) , Senator Brown of Ohio and Senator Vitter of Louisianna filed legislation entitled "The Terminating Bailouts for Taxpayer Fairness Act." Analyze this

proposed legislation briefly and comment on its chances for passage. (c.f.: Morgenson, New York Times Sunday Business Section, //April 28, 2014)

3) Discuss," The Opportunities and Challenges for The Greater Boston Commercial Real Estate Market in the Months and Years to Come." Will the outcome of the

overall American economy affect your answer? What about long-term effects of The Boston Marathon Bombing, if any? What about another Hurricane Sandy type storm?

-Each question is independent and should be answered in 2 pages. Note please question 2 has two parts (i.e. part A and part B together should be 2 pages)
-For question 1, there are two attachments. One is about the John Hancock Tower and Garage. The other is about the new Quincy Center. Feel free to use additional

online resources that I can get access to (i.e. free and available online)
-For question 2 part A, use online resources that I can get access to.
-For question 2 part B, use the article mentioned in the question
-For question 3, use online resources that I can get access to

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