James McKeen Cattell

 1) Propose your project choice: will you present on the history of a person in psychology or on the history of an idea that is central to psychology? 2) Explain why you are interested in this person or this idea 3) Give some background information to the person or idea based on research that you did 4) Include at least one reference from the course readings in your paper. How does this reference relate to the person or idea you want to present on? The final project topic has a focus and is briefly and concisely explained. The final project is introduced but needs more focus and more succinct explanation. The final project is introduced, but is very broad. It is not clear if the student has a specific topic or understanding of what constitutes a history of a person or an idea. The essay addresses none of the points listed with no rationale. Project is not viable or comprehensible. PSY 352 History and Systems of Psychology Cohesion and refinement The writing is concise in each part of the reflection that demonstrates the student is making connections between the personal topic and the themes of the course. Writing is clear with only a couple errors. The writing is mostly concise in each part of the paper that shows that the student is making general connections between the personal topic and the themes of the course, but the transitions are not cohesive. Writing is clear with some errors. Each paragraph is logical but little or no connections are made between them. Transitions are not well connected. Writing is understandable but has many errors. There is no connection or theme between each paragraph, and it is unclear how they fit together at all. Writing is full of errors. Sections are incomplete and not connected to each other. Writing requires serious revision. Reference References are included in-text and a reference section is added to the end of the report with correct APA formatting. reference to a topic in the book.