Is the criminal justice system racist

Is the criminal justice system racist

Paper instructions:
So that we can assess your understanding of the intersection of race and crime in the administration of justice in the United States and your ability to think critically about the various issues related to race and criminal justice, you will write a paper making a determination as to whether the criminal justice system is racist. To do this, you will conduct a survey and compare and contrast the results with information from the textbook, available literature, and other resources used and/or presented in class.

You are required to survey a minimum of 10 friends, associates, co-workers, or family members (or a combination thereof). You may conduct the survey face to face, telephonically, or electronically. You will ask two questions:

1. Do you believe that there is a connection between race and crime in America?

2. Do you believe that the criminal justice system is racist?

You may also ask follow-up questions to ensure that your respondents fully explain their answers.