Is capital punishment ethically acceptable? Discuss

Composition II: PORTFOLIO ONE RUBRIC Assignment One: Academic Proposal We begin with your subjectivity and your observation of language. This first assignment is an exploration of your lived realities and how you interpret language through a social issue. The purposes of this project/paper are the following: � to introduce yourself through language. � to narrate a sense of who you are and what you find purposeful. � to share a sense of personal experience that has shaped your beliefs and attitudes. � to introduce a social issue that is meaningful to you. � to begin an observation of this issue from a current lens. Rubric _____10% Reflective Overview The reflective overview is an in-class-activity that cannot be made up. It will explore relevant issues we have covered in class, through lecture, through the readings which led to the creation of this first portfolio. _____30% Evidence of Writing and Reading Evidence of writing and reading will consist of all class activities, reading responses, in-class prompts, invention process, drafting, revising, editing, planning and discussions with and responses to peers, multiple drafts, and discussion revision strategies with writing consultant at Writing Center, sharing and responding to work in progress, and other forms of evidence which illustrates how you completed this writing assignment. _____ 60% Writing Assignment Your proposal will be graded on the following: � Do you introduce your subjectivity clearly and cohesively in order to introduce your social issue? �Do you clearly introduce your social issue? � Are you introducing your social issue from a current lens? � Are you introducing the biases you have concerning this social issue? � Are you stating your agenda/s for this project? � Are you introducing what you would like to discover? � Are there effective transitions between paragraphs? � Are you using rhetorical driven language which captures your story? � Are you structurally following a format? � Have you introduced a working bibliography of 10 sources, clearly formatted using MLA?

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