IOWA Model application

IOWA Model application Project instructions: Nursing Research Methods Learning Activity Directions: Using the Clinical Question that you identified for your Learning Modules for the past four weeks, apply the attached IOWA Model for Evidence Based Practice* to your question. ?Does the placement of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters or MLC in critically ill ICU patients result in fewer DVTs comparing to the placement of Central Venous Catheters in the same type of patients during the 30 days of treatment?? Describe how you could use the IOWA Model to implement a change in practice. 1. What type of ?Trigger? prompted the question? 2. Follow the algorithm and discuss each step of the process and how you would implement it. 3. Pay special attention to the ?decision points? in the algorithm. 4. If you determined that there is not enough evidence to pilot a change and research is necessary, describe the steps you would take to design a research project. What is the research question? What design might you use? What steps would you need to take in your organization to have research approved? 5. How would you pilot the change? 6. How would you evaluate the change to determine success?

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