involve practical tensile testing of a range of material samples

involve practical tensile testing of a range of material samples Assignment Part 1(A,B,C) This part 1 will involve practical tensile testing of a range of material samples (working in groups), followed by individual analysis of result to assess the youngs modulus of Elasticity, yield stress and ultimate tensile stress. Question Marks A Using a tensile test rig, measure load verses extension for a series of three material samples: a. Mild Steel b. Aluminium c. Brass Measure the original cross-section dimensions of each of the samples using a digital calliper. Mount a specimen in to the vice jaws of the tensile test machine and measure the original free length between the jaws (it is assumed that material held within the vice jaws will not extend sufficiently to affect test results). Measure load verses extension for each of the test specimens. Based upon original length and cross-sectional area, calculate stress and strain. Plot the stress verses strain relationship for each material and estimate Young’s Modulus. Discuss whether test results are typical for each of the materials tested. 20 B Using a bending of beams test rig, measure the deflection of two samples of simply supported beams: a. Steel b. Aluminium Measure the length, height and depth of each beam and then set up the test rig such that the beam is mounted symmetrically across 2 simple supports 500 mm apart. Apply a series of loads centrally and measure deflection for each load at this point using a dial gauge. Using a 10g weight carrier, apply increasing loads in steps of 100g up to 500g, measuring the change in deflection at each step. Plot Load verses deflection and use the gradient of this graph to calculate Young’s Modulus for each material. Discuss and contrast the results obtained with those from similar materials on the Tensile test. 20 C Apply bending of beams theory to an I section cantilever beam as shown below: Given that the beam material is mild steel with Young’s Modulus = 207 GN/m2, calculate the slope and deflection of the end of the beam when subjected to a load of W = 10kN. 20 D Part2 The assignments will also include research into other materials testing methods including non-destructive testing techniques. Student are required to Write a report covering both practical and research aspects of material test methods, including non-destructive testing techniques and analysis of advantages / disadvantages of these techniques. The assignment report is to be between 1800 and 2000 words excluding appendices and should be presented using the following report structure: Title Page List of Contents Abstract or Executive Summary Introduction Subject Matter Discussion Conclusion Appendices Bibliography 40 Hello there, the above assessment 2 is part of my module œapplied mechanics. Only PART2-D of this assignment has to done by the writer which is of 1800-2000 words please. I have attached the whole assignment just to get the better understanding of the whole assignment as all parts are related. If need any further details pls contact me.

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