Investment Project

Investment Project 1. Please randomly choose 30 stocks from the Australian stock market, and based on the past three years’ monthly data, draw an efficient frontier and a minimum variance frontier. Assume the investor’s risk aversion coefficient is 4, please find the optimal complete portfolio. (Hints: what type of rate of return will you use (single return, discrete return, continuous return)? Will you annualize the return? What type of average will you use (time-weighted average including arithmetic and geometric average, or dollar weighted average)? Are the borrowing rate and lending rate the same? Why? Try to create an excel template and use œsolver function.) (10 marks) 2: Please create a template using the duration and the convexity to forecast the bond price changes due to the YTM changes. The template should be able to replicate the one that we created in the class.(5 marks) 3: Please search œOrange County Bankruptcy in Google. First, do some self-learning, and then write an essay to give me some directions on: Who is Robert Citron? What was the Orange County Governance Structure? What was the political and economic background before the bankruptcy? What was the Orange County Investment Pool and balance sheet (1994)? What was Citrons Strategy? How the Fed action affects the interest rate in 1994? Describe the crisis following by the Fed action. Describe the outcomes. Finally what are the lessons to learn? (Again, please list all the references. The essay shouldn’t be longer than 2000 words, 20 marks) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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