Investigating service failures in a particular organisation.

1000 Words assignment 1. Give a description of the topic and the particular area in which you are interested. You will need to refer to other sources on this topic “ these should be in addition to those used in Section 2 (200-250 words) 2. Write 2 to 3 research objectives for a study that you may wish to conduct. Discuss how your objectives will add to the current knowledge on the topic. (100-150 words) 3. Describe the overall approach you would take for this research and justify your choice. (200-250 words) 4. Find three academic sources on your topic (two must be peer reviewed journal articles and the other may be another journal article, a text book or a major report). Write a short critical review of the three items. In this section you should also comment on: the methods used to collect the data; the overall approach; and how you would change or develop the methods (400-500) Please note the word counts above are suggestions; however they indicate where you need to focus your work. Presentation requirements References You must have a combination of texts, academic peer reviewed journal articles etc., and a maximum of one student text. You may also use the popular media, (eg the internet, newspapers) but remember those sources are often opinionated and unreliable. Wikipedia or other websites with no recognisable or academically acceptable author are not acceptable. Overall you should have a minimum of 5 different sources and you must include at least three peer reviewed journal articles. The more journal articles, and the higher quality sources you use, the more impressive your paper will be. Marking Guide “ Assessment 1: Topic Plan Student Name: Tutor’s Name: MARK 1. Description of the overall topic Use of other sources to explain and develop your understanding of the topic area. /3 2. Objectives Clear, measurable, œdoable, feasible, How your study will add to knowledge /4 3. Research approach Demonstrated understanding of the reasons for selecting a particular approach /3 4. Critical review of the literature Synthesis of the main points of the papers Critical review Comparisons with other publications Understanding of the general method /6 6. Presentation Spelling, grammar Referencing “ proper in-text format, Properly formed List of references /4 Total / 20

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