Topic: INVENTION SHEET Order Messages (0) Revision Instructions (0) « Back to list Order code: 73809223 Available Take order Time remaining: 0 days 21 hours 57 minutes Deadline: September 11 01:12 Order total: $6.40 Compensation: $3.20 / Page Pages: 2, Double spaced Sources: 3 Order type: Essay Subject: Psychology Academic level: Not specified Style: MLA Language: English (U.S.) Place bid Hide order Order Description Push yourself to really brainstorm and think. Move beyond first thoughts. Try some strategies such as listing, clustering, discussing, sketching etc. See Writing Reference 3-10. Your choice of topic is very important to the success of your essay. 1. Warm Up: What are some things you believed as a child that you then came to disbelieve? Make a list and for each item on the list provide details about WHEN, HOW, and WHY your beliefs changed and how you felt about those changes. Example: Santa Claus: became skeptical and suspicious about age seven when I realized older kids didn’t believe, caught Mom in a lie, confronted her, made her ˜fess up, OUTRAGED that she had lied to me. 2. Digging Deeper: Let’s try to find some more significant changes in perspective now”moving beyond the common disillusionments and growth events of childhood. Try to recall times when: you were disillusioned by an event, discovery, or revelation, you were embarrassed or angered when someone questioned your beliefs, ideas, or values, you felt that someone thought your beliefs, ideas, or values were naïve or immature you were frustrated by an expectation someone had for you you disagreed with someone important to you about something important you realized that you viewed something important differently than someone else did and began to question your perspective you found facts about something inconvenient because they challenged your perspective or beliefs For each of these bullet points, try to come up with multiple responses. Then, pick those that seem to have the most potential and do some œfree writing about each of them. Accumulate details. Write about HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, WHO. 3. Winnowing: Now, try to narrow your focus to the topic that is going to be the most fruitful, significant, and interesting to both you and your readers. Keep in mind that those readers are looking for a college level essay which illustrates significant critical thinking and reflection about a significant event or subject, which goes beyond the obvious and expected, and which grapples with the causes and effects of evolving ideas. Be ready to defend your topic. EXAMPLES: Flying saucers, MONSTERS.

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