Invasive python in florida

Invasive python in florida (everglades) Research Paper Now that you have your topic, it is time to begin the research paper;you will write an academic argument. You will take a position on the issue, and construct an argument, which not only supports your side of the issue but also explores and analyses counter-arguments to your own position. You will defend your position in light of those counter-arguments. The paper should be at least 3,000 words and use at least 8 different sources. Topic Proposal: Identify and explain your topic. Develop a tentative thesis stating your position on the issue. List the major points of the issue as you see it at this time. State the research that has been done so far on this topic. Paper should have minimum of 8 sources (4 MUST be from Library Databases). Annotated bibliography: The annotated bibliography (AB) is a computer produced list of articles, summary of those articles in your own words, and connect how that article fits into your paper. Any quotes that you use, should be in this annotated bib. With page number. You should have at least 12 sources in the AB. You should use only scholarly sources. You should use the most authoritative sources possible for the paper. OUT LINE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY ITS JUST A GUIDE introduction II) the environment (everglades) A) how is the environment B) what was it like 10 years ago C) what are the native animals III) the python A) what is it B) where is it from C) how did it get in the Everglades IIII) why is it an invasive animal A) what is it doing to the environment B) how is the environment now C) whats going on with the native population now IIII) conclusion

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