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  • Mary Shelley, “Mortal Immortal”

1.) Read “Mint Snowball” by Naomi Shihab Nye (see attached file). Write about a story (written or oral) that you encountered in your childhood that helped shape your identity. Include as many descriptive details as you can, just as Shihab Nye does in her piece.
2.) Respond to 3 peers.



Write a 250-500 word response to the assigned story. Grades on these responses will assess the depth of analysis and engagement with the text.

How closely did you examine the assigned reading? What conclusions did you draw, and why? Did you provide evidence (quotes, paraphrases) from the text to support your assertions? If your reactions to what you read are purely emotional (the reading made you mad, sad, bored, etc.) then you haven’t thought enough about what you read. WHY did you have that reaction? Also under consideration: is your response organized, with full paragraphs, carefully proofread, and submitted on time?

In addition to the post, please post THREE paragraph-length peer responses that respond to specific points made in your peers’ posts. You may agree or disagree, but be sure to respond with an aim towards deepening class discussions, not being “right” or correcting anyone.