Introduction to Multimedia “ Website Project

Introduction to Multimedia “ Website Project Paper instructions: Task This final project is an individual task You are required to build an interactive informational flash website that provides information on any topic such as: 1. A country / city for tourism (Dubai City) Your site should provide information about the topic you have selected by including facts/ pictures / statistics / and any other information of interest. The project needs to be completed as per the following guidelines: Project Requirements: a. Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web 4 to create 4-pages website b. Photoshop CS4 “ must be used to create/a banner and Buttons for the web site. c. Windows Movie Maker to create a movie (slide show) of images related to the subject with titles and credits associated with background music (edited by Audacity (envelope, fade-in, fade-out, adjusting volume and length) d. Your site should contain at least 4 pages. a. Home Page b. Video Page c. References page d. Two pages containing information about the topic e. Home Page “ should contain general information and introduction about the topic. f. Video page “ should include a video created and edited by you in Movie Maker. The video should be 40 to 60 seconds long and should contain only images. The video page also contains some text about the video (informing the user what to expect), video also contains the back ground music. g. References should include the academic honesty statement with your name and hyperlinks to all your sources of information. h. Content page(s)“ should be about the topic you have selected. i. All content on the site must be formatted using the CARP principle (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity) refer to link for more information on CARP “ Project Deliverables Phase 1 “ Project Plan 10% Due 29 May 2014 You are required to submit a report that includes your plan for the website that contains following: Introduction to your topic (a brief description about your website (50 words)) (2 marks) A description of your target audience (1 mark) A list of all pages of your website (1 mark) A story board (sketches) of all pages (4 marks) Your report should be formatted so that it includes a cover page, table of contents. Your name and your student Id, course code and course title all should be on the cover page. List of references or resources should be provided as well. (2 marks)

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