intersectoral collaboration

intersectoral collaboration

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The individual memo (8-12 pages–double spaced) and the team project memo (8 to 12 pages– double spaced) for PPD 500 are each an analysis of a real cross-sectoral collaborative arrangement or public-private partnership. Some examples of cross-sectoral relationships or Public Private Partnerships are: Toll Roads, Long Beach Court House, Central Park Conservancy, the Product (RED), Chicago Millennium Park and many others);

Individual Memo: This is a Memorandum style paper: Executive Summary, Background or Context; Analysis and Conclusion. Please concentrate on your writing. Write in short and clear sentences.

1. Select an actual arrangement that includes at least two of the following three sectors: public, nonprofit/philanthropic,and/or or for-profit, organizations working together to address a specific public policy problem or collective action opportunity.

2. Analyze the arrangement and apply concepts from the course readings and lectures in answering the following questions. Please respond to EACH one of these five categories as separate headers in your individual memo.

• Context: What is the specific policy problem or opportunity being addressed by the arrangement?

• Motivation: Why was a cross-sectoral arrangement formed to address this policy issue? Be specific as to the motivation for each sector, each organization, stakeholders and what are the drivers for performance.

• Structure: What is arrangement that was formed (e.g., public-private partnership, contractual, market-based, networks). How are the reporting relationships, roles, funding, incentives, and oversight structured?

• Assessment: Do you view the arrangement as a success or a failure? Please assess:

1. The effectiveness of the mechanisms developed, e.g. contracts;
2. The process for developing the arrangement;
3. The measures for outcomes or outputs. Please apply QUANTITATIVE metrics;
4. Do the participants share your assessment? Its clients? Why or why not?
?Note your ability to assess success is likely to be limited, do the best you can.

• Lessons: What have you learned that enhances understanding of the effectiveness of cross-sectoral arrangements in solving collective problems and/or accomplishing constructive goals?
wrote on my own, but my instructor said I was just presenting all the numbers and facts rather focusing on my writing. He said each paragraph should include my analysis to the specific question.

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