Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property

i . -d f ,3 new video game, which they propose to call “Hallowed.” They lorma

Two computer science majors. 7’9” and Xavier’ have an I d%i(a(iier run into a problem with their design and consult with a friend, Brad,i
begin developmgutthelr Idea. Se(ileralAnf1ton:li”lSel:(::l’lilI:’l:ri:i?)mpl€ted but before Hallowed is marketed, a video game Called Halo 2 is relei
ti c co es. er _ _ , e
Xri)(C):(e:niIigPi:ao)’nS1t[;tit:lrl ssosyrsteems Halo 2 uses source codes similar to those of Hallowed and imitates Hallowed S overall look and feel, all

the features are alike. Using the information presented in the chapter, answer the following questions.
I Would the name Hallowed receive protection as a trademark or as trade dress?

2 If Trent an: Xavielrl had obtained a business process patent on Hallowed, would the release of Halo 2 infring
patent? W y or w y not?

5 Based on] th f t d ‘b d b 1
Why or w);1)orI11Ot;2 ac s escri e a ove, cou d Trent and Xavier sue the makers of Halo 2 for copyright

l Suppose that Trent and Xavier discover that Brad took the

Halo 2. which type of intellectual property issue does thiS1ra€i:leC?)i Hallowed and sold it to the company thfl.
n_…_.T°””‘5 ?..’!.‘LE.9!‘.S¢Pt5c
l I V A v ., .-:./”ll

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Intellectual Property

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