Influencing Family Decisions

Marketers make strategic decisions on how to position different products based on consumer behavior. People are constantly bombarded with messages asking to make choices and possibly change present decision criteria. Some purchase decisions are more important than others and in some cases, decisions require more than one person. • Go online and view advertisements for two (2) different products that target families. Use ads from Burger King Restaurant and Mountain Dew Soda • Go online and view advertisements for two (2) products similar to the two selected above but find two that do not target families. Use ads from Hooters Restaurant and Bud Light Beer • Write a 2–3-page APA formatted academic paper that compares and contrasts the probable effectiveness of the two approaches. • Use a minimum of three (3) references to support your points. • In your conclusion, include a statement about why the selected products would (or would not) most likely benefit from a promotion with a family emphasis. Address the checklist items compare and contrast paper using APA format and include an additional title and reference page.