Incident management and Contingency Plans

Incident management and Contingency Plans

Read the following scenario:

“It is summer in a city where temperatures reach above 115 degrees during the day. Extreme heat conditions and storms have knocked out electrical power for a 10 square mile grid. Electricity is not expected to be restored for at least 24 to 72 hours. Note. Faculty assigns each team one or two aIDitional unexpected events to represent the chaos factor.”

Imagine you are part of a critical incident team.

Execute a comprehensive incident management plan to deal with the emergency until it is resolved.

Ensure that all resources are contacted, deployed, and efficiently utilized.

Write a 585-word response to the scenario.

Format your response according to APA 6TH EDITION standards!
This is a group assignment so my part is only one part of three members. The location we have chosen for this scenario Southern California.

The instructor has not yet posted the “unexpected event to represent the chaos factor” yet. I’m assuming he is waiting until last minute to test us on this assignment. When he does we can make proper adjustments so we do not have to close this until that is posted and we aID that in to our plan.

Remember I am covering the management and contingency plans and stating the resources needed for this scenario.

I believe establishing good relationships and communication with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies should be included and explain why that is important.