In adult patients with minimal change disease how does treatment with prednisone compared to cyclosporine affect the amount of time the patient stays in remission?

To investigate your PICOT question, you will search for scholarly articles related to your topic and complete an Annotated Bibliography to summarize your findings from the articles. Instructions: Save your Annotated Bibliography as a Word document. Include your name in the file name. Your Annotated Bibliography should be formatted using APA style. Refer to the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) for formatting guidelines. There should be at least 10 scholarly articles in this annotated bibliography. Each scholarly article should relate directly to your PICOT question. Use the Library menu item to access the Valencia Library where you can search through databases for journal articles. Remember to search for peer-reviewed articles. You may reference the Annotated Bibliography ExamplePreview the document to help you understand the formatting and structure that is required for this writing assignment. Review the rubric below these instructions to understand how you will be assessed for this assignment.