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appendices are not included in the word count.

Any parts of the main analysis should be in the main text and not in tables in the appendices.

Your assignment will be marked on the basis of the justification you provide, the conceptualisation of the idea, the applicability of the relevant theory and the managerial relevance of your work.

Regarding your assignment, you should focus on the following aspects:

a)Summary of the internal and external analysis for your organisation INCLUDING:
1. Strategic Purpose including an Introduction to the Organisation
2. External environment analysis: PESTLE,
3. Competitive Industry analysis: Porters 5 Forces
4. Strategic Capability analysis: Threshold and distinctive resource/capabilities
5. SWOT analysis

b) Development of appropriate strategic choices using either: Generic Competitive business strategy or Strategy Clock; Porters 4 International Strategies.
c) Development of appropriate evaluation criteria and evaluation of strategic choices, SAFe analysis
d) Selection and justification of the optimum strategy. You should use your own critical ability to analyse the issue properly and provide the rationale for your reply.


A recommended structure for the assignment is as follows:
Front cover including word count, Table of contents.
Abstract (brief summary of your work including recommendations 200 words maximum not included in word count).
Introduction to your organisation, summary of

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