In this assignment you will formulate a research question, find research articles that help to explain and support you problem. This paper will be the beginnings of a research paper, but you will not carry out the research. You will basically be writing the introduction of a research paper. Consult your text to make sure you have been inclusive of all that belongs in the introduction section of a research repost and follow this outline. 1. This paper should be approximately four to five pages double spaced, excluding the title and reference page. 2. Limit your variables to two, one independent and one dependent variable. 3. Do not write an abstract. 4. Make sure you have a title. See text for writing a good title. 5. Use APA style. You will have more than three articles because you will need articles that give you support for your problem in the first paragraph and other articles that help you to define your concepts of interest. 6. Do not use any quotations in this paper. All your citations must be paraphrased not quoted. Introduce the problem and importance of doing the study. In this section you introduce the reader to the problem, give data that supports the importance of exploring the problem and why this would be significant to nursing knowledge. This should be one to two paragraphs. Make sure that you support all of this with citations from the literature. Define the concepts or variables to be studied. In this section you give definitions of the variables that you are exploring. These should come from nursing literature, not Webster?s dictionary. Make sure you cite the literature that helps you to define the concepts Write a review of the literature. Review several research articles that are relevant to your problem. (At least 3 articles must be used). Make sure you cite properly. Write a purpose statement. Write a well- developed purpose statement. This should be in your own words and needs no citation. Then write a hypothesis In your own words, no citation. APA, spelling, grammar ti/documents/TeamPublications/Indwelling%20Urinary%20Catheter%20Use%20in%20the%20 Postoperative%20Period%20Analysis%20of%20The%20National%20Surgical%20Infection%20 Prevention.pdf

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