Immigration and Crime Focus

six pages of fully-typed text, with each page double-spaced, including at least 250 words and 25-27 lines using 12 point font. It should include a title page, end notes pages, bibliography page. It should be formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style, See below thesis

Topic: Immigration and Crime Focus: The myth about immigrants and crime. Thesis: Illegal immigrants have long since been blamed for rising crime rates in the United States.

With much of today’s political focus being on immigration this myth has caused a great deal of persuasion to the American people on a major reason to completely stop immigration and to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Relevant to our content: Our text discusses immigration in many forms. It talks about “New immigrants” from around 1890 describing them as were widely described by native-born Americans as members of distinct “races,” whose lower level of civilization explained everything from their willingness to work for substandard wages to their supposed inborn tendency toward criminal behavior. This among many other types of immigrants will be the focus of my paper.