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Due: First 5 at time of midterm Grade Scale: Points (max 20.00) Assignment Instructions: IMC (MEDIA) NOTEBOOK Summary – You are to keep a notebook throughout the semester with advertisements and commentary. You will turn it in at the Midterm and again at the Final. We will use examples from your notebooks during the semester, so please bring to class. Requirements – 1) 5 entries by the Midterm, 2) 5 additional ads by the Final, 3) bound in some form (stapled, paperclip, folder, 3-ring binder, or similar of your choosing), 4) a copy of the ad or article, and 5) 2 pages of writeup analysis and critique Analysis & Critique – Ads: You are to identify key criteria about the ad including but not limited to advertiser, product, media vehicle, headline, message, call to action, structure, use of appeals, design, etc. These can be bullet points. You are also to write a narrative (sentences and paragraphs) of your thoughts and opinions of the ad. Does it work? Is it effective? Is it well targeted? What are its strongest and weakest elements? Do you like it? Why? Media Order: Print (magazine ad) Billboard TV (broadcast) commercial Digital Banner ad Press Release Direct Mail Email Internet Search Radio Event