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MECH 3330 Project 1 Due: 11/3/16

To increase the heat transfer from a wood burning stove fins are going to be attached to the metal chimney pipe. The fins will be 3 cm wide at the base and have a thickness of approximately 2mm. The surface temperature of the pipe is 500C, and the surrounding air temperature is assumed to be a constant 25C. Select a suitable material for the fins and also justify an appropriate length. The material and length should be based an attempted to maximize heat transfer and minimize cost. Assume a reasonable value for the convection heat transfer coefficient. Finding will be presented in a report with a memo cover sheet. A narrative including an Introduction, Analysis Methods, Results, and Conclusions needs to be provided. Introduction: Describe the problem and reason for the design. Analysis Methods: Describe the methods used to analyze the problem. Include equations used and any other tools used. Results: Provide a dimensioned drawing of the design along with any results obtained from calculations or other analysis methods. Such as heat transfer rates, cost of materials and manufacturing, and payback period. Conclusions: Provide a summary of the problem, analysis, and results. Lastly discuss the method used to manufacture and attach the fins. Notes: The report must be created in a word processing program. All drawings must be created with a computer aided drafting program.