i need help please

Your PowerPoint should include but not be limited to the following:
o If it is an individual provide personal history (i.e., date and location of birth, education, details about upbringing, marriage, children, etc.)
o If you choose an individual, discuss their importance and relevance. Then discuss their relationship to at least one historical moment (i.e., Denmark Vesey and slave resistance). Provide concrete examples from your sources to explain how the individual relates to the historical moment.
o Discuss what you have learned. Explain whether and how your knowledge has expanded and why or why not? Fully explain what you have or have not learned and provide examples of what you feel the sources you chose do well or miss.
o Include a conclusion that sums up what you started out thinking when you began the project and how your views/ideas have changed after the research.
Use at least 6 sources.
You are required to cite the sources you use to gather your information. The last slide should be your work-cited/bibliography formatted in MLA citation style.

Your PowerPoint should be at least 6-8 slides (not including the title page and work cited).
All slides must be filled to capacity. pictures are allowed but not used as a slide it can be used in conjunction with. nothing can be written in the notes section. she is a history teacher and probably already know something about the individual. she is looking for what the textbooks doesn’t explain. my individual is Aaron Burr Jr.