i need help asap 34

Write 2 to 3 paragraphs of your ideology and party identification. Explain the results of your political quiz including how your political ideology might affect your voting decisions and which party(or parties) best encompass your political views. Then explain why having a political ideology and party identification is important, whether or not you are a formal member of a party(and why), and what role you think the media plays in shaping your political ideology and identification.


I also need a 7 slide PowerPoint template that demonstrates your insights into concepts, principles, and processes of American government.

Slides 1-2: List 3 concepts, principles, or ideas that is most significant in understanding the American government and politics.

Slide 3-5: Based on the information on the previous slides, provide a brief explanation of why each concept, principles, or idea has an impact on you.

Slides 3-4: Identify 3 ways to apply what you have learned about American government to your role as a citizen.

Slide 6: Include a substantive conclusion to your reflection.

Slide 7: Include any sources in proper APA FORMAT