I can’t believe that this was once a syllabus

This “performance project” is based upon the course text Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction by Ralph W. Tyler. It also contains web links to additional information on Tyler and his career, an interview conducted in 1981, and a link to an electronic version of The Eight Year Study.

Take a moment and get your copy of Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction. Got it? Good. Now turn to the page following the title page, the one with all the publication information. See the statement at the top–“Originally published as Syllabus for Education 360.” That’s the origin of this curriculum giant–it originally was the syllabus for Ralph Tyler’s education course that he taught at the University of Chicago. Now check out the publication date. You also need to know that Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction has been in continuous print since it was first published over 50 years ago. Not bad for a syllabus!

This classic forms the basis of your next “performance project.” It is aimed at providing you with an understanding of what has come to be called the Tyler Rationale, one of the most influential curriculum models in the history of American education.

Part of your task was to read Tyler in its entirety. Once that is read you must answer the “performance” question of how to illustrate your new knowledge about American curriculum history. By now you should have a thorough understanding of the range of possibilities you can engage in to complete this “performance project.” I leave it to your creativity to come up with a performance that illustrates your understanding of Tyler’s text and model.
Other links are provided to you below to help you with this project.
1/Ralph Tyler: A brief biography
The following link will take you to a brief biography of Ralph W. Tyler and his educational career.

2/An interview with Ralph Tyler
The following link will take you to an interview with Ralph W. Tyler conducted in November, 1981 at Western Michigan University.

3/The Story of the Eight-Year Study
One of the more important moments in Ralph Tyler’s early career was his involvement the Eight Year Study (which was sponsored by the Progressive Education Association). The following link will take you to an electronic version of The Story of the Eight Year Study by Wilford M. Aiken.


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