Human development


It is very important that writer have knoweldge on human development subject. For this paper you need to write a one-page minimum paper identifying a topic in HDFS that you are interested in and reasons why you are interested in that topic. For example, your topic could be autism inchildhood, delinquency in adolescence, romantic relationships in college, or loneliness in the elderly. In addition to the topic and your interest in the topic, I also want you to identify a hypothesis you want to explore in the paper. A hypothesis is an educated guess that can be verified by research. Provide some initial reasons why you think this is a good hypothesis (educated guess). It could be an article you read, something you saw on the news or television, something you heard from one of your other classes, etc? This is just a rough draft of your hypothesis and you can revise it later as you begin to do more research into your topic and your hypothesis. *the topic is about how televison, ipad, smartphone is actually not benefit to the children. there is two article that explains it.* so please come up with good topic and hypothesis as to what this research paper will be about. thank you -Infants, Toddlers, and Television -Researchers: Using and iPad or smartphone can harm a toddler’s learning and social skills: utm_term=.0f3ba2959b03 – please follow the strict guideline below to write the essay. If not followed the paper will be result in failed grade. 1.Use as few words as possible to write what you want. 2. Use the simplest form of a word 3.Use the simple, common words we use when we speak 4. use the shortest, strongest, simplest form of verbs.