Human Desire and the Spiritual Journey Academic Essay

Write a three-page essay (APA compliant) describing your understanding of spirituality that expresses “the sacred within.” Discuss how the use of solitude, silence, imagination, and nature contribute to a sense of reverence for one’s own spirituality. If you use other sources, please be sure to cite those sources appropriately.
Three (3) pages of body content, plus separate Title page and separate Reference page

*Microsoft Word documents only, submitted as attachments to course Dropbox

*Double-spaced in Times New Roman font & 12-point size

*Margins of 1” inch on all four sides

*Name your documents as follows: RC471_YourLastName_AssignmentTitle
•Separate Title page at beginning of each essay to include name of student, assignment title, course name & number (RC 471), and due date.
•Separate Reference page at conclusion of each essay to document your sources and to support your thesis and analysis. The proper documentation of course textbooks, outside references, newspapers, periodicals, Internet, etc. enhance and support your essay’s position.
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