HRM Portfolio/Workbook Individual

 Instructions 1. Context: You are a Human Resource Management professional working for a major organisation (with over 5,000 employees). As a global or national organisation there are a range of competitive market pressures being experienced. Importantly, the organisation recognises that its people are its greatest asset. You have been requested to consider three critical challenges to assist the organisation from a HR Program perspective. 2. You can choose any ONE of these organisations: a. b. c. 3. Select THREE critical issues (challenges), pick ONE from each of the chapter groupings below 4. Research and critically review each of the three issues and investigate how these issues would impact the implementation of a HR Program. The report format: executive summary, analysis of the literature, summary of key findings, recommendations/ideas/solutions. Your report will be 3,000 to 3,500 words exclusive of references and appendices.