How structures are put together


The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how the structure of an organization (the way it’s put together) can contribute to its long term success and how structure can impact EPSE. Please follow the instructions below. Addressed are two types of structures: Organic and Mechanistic. First, select the type of structure you think would best facilitate the long term success of an organization. Explain your reasoning for selecting the structure you did. Second, which of these two structures do you think would lead to higher levels of EPSE. Justify your choice. Explain the connection between structure and EPSE. Your paper should not exceed 5 type written pages ( double spaced using Times Roman 12Pt font.) Use a minimum of 5 references . Cite these in your reference page using APA style. Include a cover page as well; neither of which will count toward the paper’s page limit. If you can adequately address this topic in less than 5 page then do so. The cover page should contain your name, the Course title and the date of submission.