how new technologies are making an impact on businesses 1

Paper – How New Technologies are Making an Impact on Businesses

This paper is focused on the role of new technologies and how they impact business operations and decisions. This is a research paper, so you need to have references in APA style. Your paper should be at least 3500 words, and at a minimum discuss the following topics:

  • Three different and new/emerging technologies
  • o Introduce the technologies

    o Howaretheybeingused(orhowtheywillbeused) o What are their potential for users and businesses

  • Impacts on business operations, decisions, sales, etc. o Positive&Negative
  • Impact on executives, employees, customers, humans, etc. o Positive&Negative
  • Your grade will be dependent on:

  • How effectively you address the minimum points listed above
  • How organized your paper is, and how well it flows
  • Correct spelling & grammar
  • To get a perfect score – go above and beyond the minimum points while ensuring bullet
  • points #2 & #3 are still addressed.