How has managing people changed in the global economy

This assignment focuses on how managers have had to adapt to a world-wide economy. Rather than focus on management’s evolution from the 1800’s to now, concentrate on how managing others from (and in) other countries and cultures has forced managers to treat employees differently. Information we covered in the global management chapter will be very helpful and should serve as a resource (Book Organizational Behavior Key concepts and best practices Angelo Kinicki and Mel Fugate 5th edition). Cross-cultural competences are needed more than ever, and this should be the focus of the paper. In addition to virtual management, you can discuss flextime and work/life balance; but don’t over emphasis this part. Chapter three will be a primary resource and GLOBE/Hofstede, mono v. polychromic time, high v. low context, expatriates and ethnocentrism, societal culture, etc. should be the of this short paper. Book