How Does Homelessness Affect Parenting Behaviour?


The Final Research Proposal (Parenting within Homelessness) During the past few weeks, you have considered the various elements of the research project. Retrieve your survey/questionnaire results to complete your final project in Unit 5. Your research paper should include the following: • An Introduction of the Study • Your Purpose of the study • Your Methodology on the study; Qualitative Methods and Quantitative Methods • Create a Survey for the Research Study • Add your ethical considerations for the survey to your Methodology (Qualitative Methods and Qualitative Methods) • Add your measurement strategy to your Methodology • Include a copy of the questionnaire or survey in the Methodology • Provide your Data Analysis with survey results • Data results should be provided in graphic form, making them user-friendly information • Provide your Conclusion regarding the study. Be sure to tell how well you answered your research question, the status of your hypothesis (true/false), and the value of your survey results for your topic moving forward References: How Does Homelessness Affect Parenting Behaviour?

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Be sure to include the research problem, the purpose statement, and the research questions or hypothesis in the paper. Make sure the paper is structured with the following common structures: • Introduction • Literature review • Methodology • Results • Discussion • Bibliography • Appendices