House on Mango Street

write a 1-paragraph analysis of “The Family of Little Feet.” Make an argument about how the girls’ attitude toward the shoes changes–and why. GUIDELINES: 1) Write 1-2 topic sentences that make an argument about how the girls’ attitude towards the shoes changes–and why. 2) Offer TWO quotes (each with a lead-in and MLA-format citation) to support your interpretation. The first quote should address their initial attitude toward the shoes; the second quote should address their feelings after the encounter with the “bum man”–or the implications of the bum’s words. Do not offer any quotes about the family who donated the shoes–only about the girls and/or the “bum man.” 3) After EACH quote, offer at least TWO sentences of analysis that show how the quote supports your topic sentence claim. Try to directly discuss the language of the quote–as we did in class–to support your reasoning. 4) At the end of your paragraph, be sure to tie your argument back to your topic sentence. 5) Use a proper MLA-style heading and title. (See the Portal link.) 6) Upload your paragraph as a separate docx or PDF file to the Portal. Do not upload a Pages file; my computer cannot read or convert them.