Honeycutt Warehouse and Shipping Corporation

Assume that you have been hired by Ms. Minnie Harmon, CEO of the Honeycutt Warehouse and Shipping Corporation, to evaluate their distribution and transportation options as they look to expand into several emerging markets. A staunch defender of the environment, Ms. Harmon wants you to develop a list of criteria to be used in location selection and as well as sustainability considerations. The details are given on pg. 376 of the text, as well as within MindTap. For this assignment, compose an Executive memo addressed to Ms. Harmon and her team that specifically addresses the questions she poses within the Discussion Questions of this case, given on pg. 377 of the text. Use proper memo format, which would include a greeting and brief recap of the problem to be addressed, your proposed criteria and solutions for the questions posed, and a summary which wraps up your proposals and extends final salutations to her and her team. Objective Alignment: C. Obj. 2 and 6