homeland security response to discussion below clif wk2 2

The Mossad is Israeli’s top agency in intelligence gathering and is similar to the secrecy and effectiveness of the CIA. Because of Israel’s closeness to regimes that house, finance, and arm terrorist, it is deemed as a daily threat to have a terrorist attack within Israel’s borders. The Mossad’s carry out foreign espionage and covert military and paramilitary operations to include occasional assassinations of Palestinian leaders. In addition, it also gather, access, and analyze information in order to create intelligence that is used to prevent civilian and military casualties.

The YAMAM is Israeli’s special police unit but is revered as a highly trained and efficient “secret” police force. YAMAM’s primary focus involves foiling terror plots, engaging militants during attacks, combating crime syndicates, and blunting border incursions. Making the YAMAM an intelligence gathering organization and law enforcement agency. The Jewish state also have an FBI like entity that is responsible for domestic security concerns called the Shin Bet. The Shin Bet conducts internal counterintelligence focused on potential sabotage, terrorist activities, and security matters that is of political nature.

Last but not least is Israeli’s Military intelligence called the Aman and resembles the United States Department of Defense objectives in gathering foreign military capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Aman also supplies the Israeli Defense Force with foreign intelligence to conduct military operations.