history writting

Post A

Do the research and explain the relationship between the Industrial Revolution, as a transforming event in Western Civilization and the following:

The creation of the new middle-class comprised of bankers and manufacturers,

The rise of Liberalism, Nationalism, and Socialism

Revolution in France, the Germanic States, Austrian Empire, and the revolts in the Italian States

The Reform in Great Britain.

Keep in mind that your scavenger hunt 3 write-up must consist of at least four paragraphs. For this class a paragraph consists of three sentences Use the correct paragraph format consisting of: starting your paragraph at the left margin, completing your 1st paragraph, skipping a line (putting a blank line between this paragraph and paragraph 2, and paragraph 3. Any ideas or words borrowed from other peoples’ work must be documented with a formal reference to the original author, to give this person credit for their ideas you borrow and use in your discussion forum response. Be sure you include a reference list at the end of your response post.


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Post B

Choose 6 Key Terms from the Key Term List found at the end of the chapters assigned for reading each Learning Module Week. Write a definition consisting of at least 3 sentences for each of these terms.

  • Reform Bill of 1832
  • Romanticism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kulturkampf
  • Reichsrag