High Fashion Styling: How to become an A class stylist.

Who will read the report?

How will the readers use the report?

How will your audience guide your communication choices?


What is the purpose of the report?

What need will the report meet?
What problem can it help to solve? This paper will guide struggling fashion stylists find the right path for their careers to be firmly established.

What is the report’s subject matter?

How technical should the discussion of the subject matter be?

Do you have sufficient information to complete the report?

What sources or people can help you to locate the best research materials?

What title can clearly identify the report’s subject and purpose?

Will the report be a collaborative or an individual effort?

How can you evaluate the success of the completed report?
In what medium will the completed report be presented?
Are there special features the completed report should have?

Will the report require graphics? If so, what kind and for what purpose?

What information design features can help the report’s audience?


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