Heath assessment gonorrhea

Heath assessment gonorrhea

Project description
Health Assessment/Health Promotion Paper: Guidelines

1. Identify a chief complaint (i.e. I don’t hear as well as I used to or I have this terrible chest pain) You can pick any chief complaint that you are interested in exploring more in depth.

2. Discuss what additional subjective and objective data needs to be collected for the chief complaint that you selected. Provide rationale for why it is important to collect that data (this should be referenced with your book or some journal articles)

3. Finish the paper with a discussion of health promotion strategies that should be taught to a client with the above mentioned chief complaint. This section should also be referenced with books and/or journals.

4. Page limit: Paper should be no longer than 6 typewritten pages.

5. Paper should use APA format. A minimum of 3 references is required, as well as at least one source for each section (see grading rubric).

6. Grading Criteria:

· Identification of chief complaint: 30 Points

· Discussion of subjective and objective data that needs to be collected 30 Points

· Discussion of health promotion strategies 30 Points
My topic is gonorrhea.. patient came to clinic complaining of penile yellow discharge
my professor gave us a sample paper I will send it


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