Health sciences and medicine

Health sciences and medicine

answer the following case of study. attached

Case Study Assignment :


Please complete the following two case studies
Each case study is worth 5 points.
Please dont exceed more than 3 pages in total for both case studies.
Please send your answers as a Microsoft Word file just like any other assignment.

Case study I:

George, 60 yrs old teacher seen by his Nephrologist for lack of urination and gradual decline in his kidney functions. Known diabetic for 20 years, poorly controlled

and he is getting dialysis three times a week. Physical examination is significant for high blood pressure and edema.

Based on the above history and findings, please answer the following:

1.Whats the diagnosis for George?

2.Clinical Manifestations for this condition

3.What are the lab tests to confirm the diagnosis?

4.What are the complications of this diagnosis.

5.Treatment for this condition.

Case study II:

Diana Adams, 50 year old female with severe chest pain was taken to the Emergency Room. Pain not relieved by Nitroglycerine. Chest pain radiates to the neck and lower

jaw. She has a strong family history of heart disease.

Based on the above history and findings, please answer the following:

1.What s the likely diagnosis for Diana?

2.Whats the likely cause of this condition?

3.How do you confirm this diagnosis? (Lab tests)

4. How do you treat this condition? Please include surgical procedures if any

5. What is thrombolytic therapy?


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