Health Promotion and Disease Prevention to the elderly Population

Overview The Week 14 Assignment 1: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population Specific Final Paper content outline is noted here. BOOK • De Chesnay, M., & Anderson, B. A. (2016). Caring for the vulnerable: Perspectives in nursing theory, practice, and research (4th Ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. POPULATION: ELDERLY The Week 14 Assignment 1: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population Specific Final Paper Submission will contain general information about health promotion and disease prevention along with specific material related to a vulnerable population that was chosen in Week 1 (ELDERLY). The content of the paper will be developed through the first 8 weeks of the course. This allows students to take from the course work and learning assignments to complete the paper. The paper is to be submitted in APA format with correct grammar and spelling. Please make sure that you are working with SmartThinking, Pearson Writer, and the Library to ensure that your submission is formatted correctly. 1. The paper will be divided into 4 sections. a. Section 1 (Content can be found in Week 1) i. Introduction 1. WHO’s definition of health 2. Concepts of Health ii. Ecological Model of Health iii. Historical Perspectives of Health iv. Key Health Concepts v. Healthy People 2020 vi. Levels of Prevention 1. Primary, include a brief description of the Transtheoretical Model of health Promotion 2. Secondary 3. Tertiary vii. Nursing, specifically APRNs, role in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention b. Section 2 (Content can be found in Week 2) i. Vulnerability as a concept ii. Overview of concepts and theories iii. Health disparities iv. Cultural Competency as a provider (DeChesnay, Ch. 3) v. Cultural and Linguistic Competence Health Practitioner Association (CLCHPA) – overview of this concept and evaluation and a reflection regarding your personal scores and areas in need of improvement vi. Resilience vii. Advocacy Role as a provider (DeChesnay, Ch. 2) viii. Vulnerable people, groups, populations and societal views: Sinner vs. Victim (Mechanic and Tanner, 2005) c. Section 3 (Content can be found in Week 2-4 – don’t forget to use the media/website/video links, as they will provide a lot of great information): Focus shifts to your specific vulnerable population group i. Introduce your vulnerable population – Sinner or Victim? ii. Social justice related to your population (DeChesnay, Ch. 4) iii. Low literacy within your population and how this affects their health (DeChesnay, Ch. 5) iv. Choose a Nursing model or theory and a midrange theory that you believe will best relate to your vulnerable population and health promotion 1. The theory will come from Chapter 5. 2. The mid-range theory for application will come from Chapter 6 (DeCehsnay, Ch. 5-8; Pender, Ch. 2 – – you should have completed this for your Week 2 assignment) v. Evaluate your vulnerable population related to Healthy People 2020 guidelines vi. Discuss 3 primary health concerns for your population and include preventative guidelines as appropriate vii. Consider the community in which your vulnerable populations live and what type of assessment you might need to conduct? In real life this is lengthy and complicated, but for the purpose of the paper – the goal is to give a brief overview of the how you would initiate the process and what you might find either figuratively or in your own community.