God Grew Tired Of Us & Intercultural Communication .

God Grew Tired Of Us & Intercultural Communication .

Project instructions:
Assignment: Watch God Grew Tired of Us & Write a paper that incorporates what you?ve learned about and embodied about Intercultural Communication, both in this class

and in your life, by analyzing the film, in order to articulate and exemplify the connection you make with material from this course on how it can be/is used in the

world outside our classroom. You will be expected to write an organized, critical essay that engages topics from Kanu & Morra?s Connecting Intercultural Communication:

Techniques for Communicating Effectively Across Cultures chapters 1-4; 9 & 10 by actively applying them to the film God Grew Tired of Us. The paper will be due in

electronic format, submitted on Blackboard, by October 20, 2014 at 11:59pm.

Typed (12 pt. font, double spaced). Organize your information in a clear, concise manner. The paper will include the following:

In order to write this paper, you will need to do the following:

In the film God Grew Tired of Us, choose a social structure (from Chapter 3 ? e.g. school, spirituality, family, work, friendship, culture, etc.) and describe the

nature of this social structure and how to use Intercultural Communication (i.e. use terms/concepts from our textbook) to explain how ?The Lost Boys? move through

this/these social structure(s) by delving into the following:

Choose several concepts or theories from at least 3 of the above mentioned chapters (e.g. Collectivistic v. Individualistic Cultures from Chapter 1, Identity from

Chapter 2, Cultural Views on Listening from Chapter 4, Language as a Barrier from Chapter 9, Proxemics from Chapter 10, etc.) and use these concepts/theories to

discuss and analyze the social structure you have chosen. Be able to explain the concepts/theories in your own words by answering the following questions: why did you

choose it/them (the concept/theories) and why is/are it/they applicable to this particular social structure?

Discuss, analyze and reflect on the film (overall) and use cultural differences experienced by ?The Lost Boys? to exemplify the above mentioned theory/concepts: How is

this theory used here? What is the analysis? How does this choice of theory/concept help us learn and make sense of ?The Lost Boys? in a particular social structure in

this film?
This section should make up the bulk of your paper.
When referencing your topic, be sure to cite the film and/or the textbook in your reference list or in your paper if you are using a direct quote/example from the

film! You will most certainly need to at least cite the book when introducing concepts/theories in your critique, so make sure to follow MLA/APA guidelines for proper

in-text citations as well as in formatting your reference list.

It will be important to keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers here. The point of this assignment is to get you thinking about how intercultural

communication is present everywhere and how to bridge the gap between theory and real-life. What I am looking for is your opinion on how these concepts are observed

throughout this film. I chose this film because there are several social structures to choose from and numerous cultural differences between the United States and

Sudan to be observed and dissected.


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