Glossary New Policy Institute

Glossary New Policy Institute.

Glossary   New Policy Institute

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1. Choose any subject related to your pathway (SCIENCE) and find 2-3 articles/texts related to the subject from one or more of the following websites:
• New Policy Institute:
• The Guardian:
• Office of National Statistics:
2. Read the articles and look out for:
• People/organisations related to the subject
• Abbreviations (e.g. NEET)
• Words/expressions/terminology related to the subject
• Any other new academic/formal words from the articles
3. Complete the glossary task on the next page. You should aim to include 2 items for each table A-D (a total of 8 items). If you cannot find 2 for each table A-D, make sure you have 8 in total.

Glossary New Policy Institute

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