Global Sourcing for Aviation

Select a current research journal or professional trade publication article related to global sourcing aspects of supply chain. Your selected article must be from within the past few years. Do not use newspaper articles, news presentations, PR releases, web sites, blog posts, Wikipedia entries, or other online web sources for your articles. You may use respected business magazine articles from Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, or Business Week. Write a review of the article addressing the following elements. Identify the article, its author, and publication, and briefly summarize the purpose and content of the article. Provide a formal reference entry for the article in current APA format. Compare and contrast the article’s content with the readings from the course text. Analyze how the article’s information and findings can be applied in today’s organizations to improve logistics management performance. Evaluate the reliability and validity of the article using critical thinking and rational analysis of its content, logic, author credentials, and purpose. Justify your conclusions and make a concrete recommendation to others in the class about whether or not they should read the article.