global language

Paper details: As English is now considered as a global language, being learned by more and more people around the world today, it would seem that a native speaker of English is greatly advantaged. In your view, are there any significant disadvantages of being a monolingual English speaker in an increasingly multilingual world?

you find the criteria that you should follow. in addition this essay has to have 6 sources . Three of them are attached and which are must be used in this essay, moreover, Three more sources. Description of Task In the second task you will be asked to write a 2,000 word essay on a topic of your choice based on one of the issues raised in the second module of the subject; for example, World Englishes (e.g. Chinese English, Indian English) and their status, English as a lingua franca, issues of language and cultural identity, or English as a language of power or empowerment. You will be expected to examine an issue in connection with a situation or context relevant to your experience of English language and/or future professional aspirations. You will examine arguments put forward in your selected sources, take a position and present your own view, which will be justified and supported by evidence. You should refer to at least 6 sources in your discussion, and at least two of these should be recommended readings.

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